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O'Brien's Refrigeration & Ice Cold SD is a licensed, certified company committed to providing the best service and value for commercial and industrial Refrigeration as well as Ice Machines in San Diego Area. 


Established  by Robert O'Brien, the company focuses on professional installation and service of retail and industrial refrigeration cabinets, displays and walk-in units.


ICE COLD SD offers an extensive list of resources and solutions to provide exceptional customer service.



To provide skilled work in the installation, repair, operation, and maintenance of Refrigeration equipment and systems at various stations of the Company.



  • Carries out preventive maintenance of Refrigeration and

  • Repairs faulty Refrigeration and.

  • Carries out routine checks and logs of the status of Refrigeration and

  • Requisitions for materials required for the smooth operation of the Assists in verification of Refrigeration spares purchased supplied.



  • Make recommendations to replace equipment if expected cost to repair exceeds possible replacement cost.

  • Make minor installation decisions

  • Perform regular cleaning of the equipment.

  • Maintain job worksheets detailing nature of assignment, parts utilized, time expended and type of work performed.

  • Collect data for reports.



  • Cost effective and efficient maintenance procedures

  • Efficient and effective Refrigeration and

  • Properly installed Refrigeration

  • Well functioning Refrigeration

  • Timely repairs of Refrigeration

  • Well maintained safety standards in Refrigeration

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